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EMERGENCY Help-Me-Pay-My-Rent-A-Thon! (part 2)

You may be aware that this is my second “help-me-pay-my-rent-a-thon,” the first being two years ago on this date.

The Sob Story:

About three months ago, my employer sent me home on Stress Leave. I am due a certain amount of compensation from my insurance company, but I have yet to receive it. We have been living on Jessica’s student loan in the meantime, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to have enough money to cover our bills at the end of the month. There are several other complications in our lives right now, which I will not go into here, but ironically, my Stress Leave has been VERY STRESSFUL.

How You Can Help:

Pre-Order my book!

It’s the Complete Sticks and Stones Collection 2005-2007. That’s over 200 comic strips packed into a little paperback book. I’m selling them for $12.00 a piece, plus shipping. I’m hoping to have the book printed by November 16. Read a sample of the book here.

The Other Way You Can Help:

Tell your friends! If you have a site, please let people know I’m doing this. If you regularly post in a forum, you can copy-paste this post or just link to my website. Tell your Livejournal Friends! Tell your Facebook Friends! Tell your MySpace Friends! Tell your Mom!

What I’m Going To Do For You In Return:

This time, I will not be drawing a comic strip every hour, but rather a page of my Sticks and Stones Halloween Special every three hours. It’s going to be full color, so this will be interesting… It will probably take 3-4 days to do 24 pages. I’m planning on sleeping at night for a few hours here and there, but it really will be a marathon. Buy enough books, and you or your comic character could get a cameo.

Now Start Pre-Ordering My Book!

I seriously need money fast, so order multiple copies! Pre-Order more than 10 copies and you or a character from your comic will be featured in the Halloween Special as a background character. Buy in multiples of five to ensure the best price on shipping.

Stay tuned for page number one!
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